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Kyle Lloyd
Managing Director

A seasoned leader having managed multiple projects in oil & gas, power, and commercial sectors. Making decisions that count in respects to safety, budget, and time line. Specializes in strategy for cutting cost effectively to save clients money. Resourceful, knowing Alberta workforce within all its regions is a key to high performance and consistent culture. Proven time management, seamlessly coordinating multiple subcontractors on multiple sites.

Set at a high productivity standard, and make schedules easy to predict. Create a safety culture stemming from management down to every single team member as well as positively influence sub-contractor safety. Show clients existing and new, that relationship importance is paramount, communications open 24/7.

Pushing the envelope and breaching barriers between work sectors, learning new skills and trades is a passion. There is not one thing we cannot do with the right group of people. To reiterate our values, we value our partners who persevere through challenging projects and never lose sight of our strength together.

Work hard, love what you do, have some fun doing it, and all your projects will be successful.

It’s important to understand where you come from and what’s ahead. My previous paragraph comes from years earlier. Running a family business generates some challenges and situations you may not expect. Challenging markets seem to expose these relationships. That being blatantly bottom lined, we are especially proud to maintain our partners. We strive to be different from the selfish owner perspective and I return we have been rewarded with support second to none.

Specialties: Oil and gas, power, commercial, plan and implementing project improvement, leadership, estimating, P6, training, employee/leadership development, scaffold, civil, rope access, demolition, concrete remediation.

FCC brings you the most value in Alberta.

Try us, family owed, selective client based, yours truly, KL FCC 

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