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We have built our reputation as being Alberta's choice scaffolding & concrete company for highly visible projects where innovation and commitment to safety have been the keys to our success. Our 360 degree insight gives us a better understanding of your construction environment so that we can accurately estimate, plan and execute. Over our years of experience in scaffold design, shrink wrap and containment, we’ve gathered best practices that are specific to each industry. Being experts across industries helps us make decisions that are ideal for the environment we’re working in, by having a deeper understanding of the external factors that can affect each project.





Ultimately, there is nothing as important as quality and safety. The success of every project we embark on is measured by these two factors. With stringent attention to detail, elevated expertise, and forward-thinking rationale, our projects result in quality excellence.

Safety is always top-of-mind, never a compromise. Forward Concept Construction is proud to have developed an industry-leading Operational Health and Safety Program, which is COR certified from the Alberta Construction Safety Association, and in good standing with WCB Alberta & WorksafeBC. Continuous safety training ensures our people are always current on industry best practices, mitigating risk and keeping the public and employees safe


Recognizing that our impact on the community goes beyond improving civil works like roads and bridges, we are strong advocates for investing in the communities we live in and help build. As a team, we fundraise and donate our time to meaningful organizations including the Santas Anonymous, Local Non-Profits, and more.

Sustainability in our work is always top of mind. Forward Concept Construction Ltd promotes sustainable practices and ensures that our projects are able to not just minimize environmental impact but improve them.

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Our team brings decades of combined experience to your project, with a detailed knowledge of materials, methods and safety practices. We have worked on sites across Western Canada, so we know how to manage different types of weather and environmental challenges. Our expertise spans a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Commercial Construction, Heavy Industrial and Power Generation.

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