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Having well over a decade of experience; starting as a first year scaffold apprentice, moving into mid-level to senior supervision and into senior management has allowed me to have a full understanding of every aspect of projects. In respects to safety, budget, and time line; I also specialize in strategic ways for cutting cost effectively to save clients money. Being quite resourceful and knowing Western Canadian workforces allows for high performance and consistent culture. Proven time management, seamless coordinating.

My goals are to set a high productivity standard, and make schedules easy to predict. Ensuring a safety culture is 24/7; not just at work but also with your everyday lives at home.

Pushing the envelope and breaching barriers between work sectors, learning new skills and trades is a passion and with that passion, it will ensure your projects will be successful.

Specialize in:

Oil and Gas
Plan and Implementing Project Improvement and Leadership.
Employee/leadership Development
Scaffold Access

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